Post Acute Neurorehabilitation Webinar: What Every Attorney Should Know

September 24th at 3pm EST

As I travel around the country every week, I hear from countless attorneys who are taking in head injury cases every month but seem unsure of how best to proceed and are looking for direction when it comes to the appropriate steps in working a case like that up.

Today, there is definitely a heightened sense of awareness among attorneys about TBIs because of the NFL Concussion Cases.

Each year more information comes out about concussions and head trauma and that is leading to attorneys making TBI cases a large part of their personal injury practices.

I believe many attorneys are now looking at TBI cases as a driver of their practice but lack the roadmap about how people suffering from a head injury should be treated and who they should be treating with.

Most attorneys today know two things about TBI cases, they are complex and they are expensive.

HMR Funding solves one of those critical issues. A free webinar and the information given by Dr. Zasler could shed light on the second issue and be beneficial to all that attend as he answers some of those pertinent neurorehabilitation questions. Check out the short video below for a bit more about our presenter, Dr. Zasler.

We look forward to your joining us on September 24th.


Kyle Kinberger
National Sales Manager at HMR Funding



During this free webinar with Dr. Nathan Zasler, founder, CEO and CMO of the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia and Tree of Life Services, you’ll learn about the changing healthcare environment and how it is impacting TBI care. Specifically neurorehabilitation across the severity spectrum, focusing on the importance of specialized post acute transitional and long-term services for those with more complex or catastrophic acquired brain injuries.

  • Discuss the variability across such programs and the importance of looking not just at costs or how costs are bundled but also how specialized the staffing is, what the diagnostic skill basis is of the staff, whether or not person-centered holistic care is being provided, and whether or not levels of healthcare surveillance are high which is important particularly with more severely disabled individuals.
  • Review the typical path from acute care and how payers are driving this more so than science
  • Take a look at the literature supporting post-acute rehabilitation including information on its efficacy, the impact of intensity of care on the outcome, and what you should know as a plaintiff attorney when advising clients on potential admission to such programs.
About Dr. Nathan Zasler:

  • Board certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation fellowship trained in brain injury and subspecialties certified in brain injury medicine
  • Has published and written extensively over the last 30+ years on the topic of traumatic brain injury including addressing medical legal issues
  • Holds numerous editorial roles including as chief editor of the international peer-reviewed journal Brain Injury, as well as chief editor of what is considered to be the core textbook in the field, Brain Injury Medicine: Principles and Practice, now going into its third edition
  • Founder, CEO, and CMO of the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, an outpatient interdisciplinary practice in Richmond Virginia providing care to persons with acquired brain injury and post-trauma pain
  • Founder, CEO, and CMO of Tree of Life Services which is a transitional and long-term care assisted living program in Richmond Virginia which has been providing care to persons with acquired brain injuries since 1998
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