HMR Funding can become an integral part of your practice, we pay you quickly for your medical services. This allows you to concentrate on treating your patients instead of spending time trying to collect outstanding bills.

We pay you a fair price for your medical bills related to personal injury cases, while assuming all of the risks of recovery. With our medical factoring, you keep your payment whether the legal case is won or lost.

Limit Your Risk

In so many instances, self-pay patients often become no-pay patients. If you have had to turn away high-risk self-pay personal injury patients in the past because you simply cannot afford to risk not being paid, working with HMR Funding is your solution.

If you have elected to hold letters of protection (LOP) but your collection times are often many months or years AND severe end of case reductions are commonplace, we can help.

HMR Funding specializes in evaluating and underwriting personal injury cases. We will purchase your receivables and pay you FAST while removing your risk of non-payment. Whether the legal case is won or lost, you keep your payment from HMR Funding.

A Name You Can Trust

At HMR Funding, we understand the daily administrative hurdles your practice faces. That’s why we help eliminate unnecessary paperwork, saving you the time and expense of dealing with insurance company denials or end of case reductions and using precious administrative resources to collect on medical lien cases for years until the legal case is completed.

Risk Free Prompt Payment

With HMR Funding, you no longer have to bear the financial risk and extended delays associated with personal injury patients. You are paid in a timely manner for the approved services, regardless of the litigation outcome. In fact, using HMR Funding can help you increase your patient base by allowing you to accept even more third party liability cases.

HMR Funding covers the full range of medical treatment and procedures, including:

Diagnostics – Imaging
Pain management
Inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures
Physical therapy
Traumatic brain injury treatment
Amputation Cases →
And more


Incremental quality cases | No financial risk on Third Party Liability cases
Fair price paid for receivables | Prompt payment | Low administrative burden and easy to work with


If you need assistance – our professionals are standing by to help, simply call 1-888-377-1245.
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We have many medical specialties in our network including but not limited to radiology, pain management, orthopedic, spine, neurosurgery, trauma, anesthesia and many others. Facilities include large health systems, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and rehabilitation centers.
Yes, once the case is accepted by HMRF we will purchase your bill at a rate that is accepted by you. You will be paid – FAST – and HMRF will then own the medical lien on this legal case. You will not have to wait for the case to be settled to receive your payment. We will work with the attorney at the end of the case to satisfy our medical lien.
Yes, we are your medical factoring solution. Once your case is accepted, we will purchase your medical bill and assume the collection risk associated with this legal case. Whether the legal case is won or lost, you have already been paid. As the medical provider you will owe us nothing, we are your payor.
No. We are a payor – we purchase your receivables on personal injury cases. There are no costs, risks, interest or outside burdens to you in working with HMR Funding.
Payments are made typically within 30 days following receipt of bill and associated medical record. When working with HMR Funding, you get paid promptly with no additional administrative costs and minimal paperwork.
Our paperwork is straightforward and easy to follow with little or no administrative burden to you. Our goal is to let you do what you do best — provide quality healthcare to your patients — while we assume the collection risk alongside the attorneys who are working to earn a favorable settlement or verdict for your patient on their personal injury case.
We are your self-pay solution on personal injury cases. We will work with your staff to help establish an improved protocol for your case intake process. By asking just a few simple questions we can help you identify how a relationship with HMRF will increase your number of personal injury patients and therefore your cash flow over time.
None. But there are some distinct advantages in working with us. For providers who elect to sell us their medical receivables, a quality case with HMR Funding is actually better than a quality case from major insurers. With HMR Funding, you get paid a strong fee and you get paid promptly… unlike many health plans you are likely presently contracted with. Simply render your medical care, present us your usual customary and reasonable bill and associated medical records, and get paid. If the case does not prevail, you have been paid by HMR Funding regardless.